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    Once you sign up, you get an instant verification email and your profile is setup. Depending on the information you’ve added in your profile, we start sending paid surveys related to products, brands, services, etc. and all you have to do is fill them out in your spare time and boom.

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    As easy as said, you instantly get paid to take surveys either in the form of free Amazon gift cards,movie tickets, promo codes and deals applicable at Careem, iTunes, eBay, Walmart, Starbucks, Google Play, or even cashbacks. The best way to earn extra income in your spare time at home.

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You can make up to $10 for taking every paid survey online.

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You can quickly make money online by taking paid surveys and claim it as soon as your PayPal account hits a figure of $10. No more waiting. In case you don’t have a PayPal account, we take care of that too and set up your account using the email you’ve provided.

From the moment you submit an application for redeeming your balance to the PayPal account, it takes 1 to 4 business days only for the transaction. Simple and quick.

PayPal is the safest payment merchant to handle and offers online transaction opportunities at various places. Also, you can quickly transfer your PayPal balance into your regular bank account. For more information, visit

Amazon Gift Cards

As soon as you hit 80 points by filling out the legitimate paid surveys, you receive a free Amazon gift card instantly. This card can be used for purchasing anything and everything from electronics to books, movie Tickets and music, etc. For more information, visit

GCodes – Virtual Gift Codes

As soon as you hit $10 by filling out the online paid surveys, you get access to the GCodes. These gift codes are applicable at a list of things ranging from event and travel tickets to digital magazines, books, and so on. For more information, visit

Once we will create the account, it takes only 1 to 4 business days for your information to be sent on the registered email.

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What Is DRTSolutionZ?

DRTSolutionZ is an incredible platform that offers you to make money online by taking paid online surveys. Ranked among the best survey sites, our platform is contributing massively into legitimate research projects alongside providing people with an opportunity to make extra cash online at home in the spare time. We are associated with multiple different brands that provide us with online paid surveys and so, we have an incredible amount of them to be filled each day and endless opportunities for you to earn money from home. Also, we provide registration for absolutely free by a simple form. As soon as your registration gets confirmed, you can instantly make money doing surveys via whatever the gadget you own. They are compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop pcs, etc.