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Do you want to earn money and share your opinion? So, you are in the right place. DRT provides a chance to earn money and share your opinion, making it easy for you to sign up. It is 100% used to free.

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How to Earn Money with Paid Survey Pakistan? 

Take online paid Surveys and share your valued opinion. Help popular brands to improve and earn their product better for you. In addition, DRT SolutionZ Pakistan gives you a chance to work from home. Providing you with legit online surveys from which you can earn money online in Pakistan. Through Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, Easy load, Gift Vouchers, UBL Omni, and Careem Rides Credits. 

How does it work? 

Join our community of 200,000+ people who trust us for providing you with a chance. In addition, To earn money online with online surveys. Providing a safe and secured way to make money online with DRT Solutionz part-time job. Also, You can take online paid surveys anytime and anywhere, by phone or from your computer. 

If for any reason you stay inactive for long periods, your account will NOT remove itself. DRT Solutionz allows you the convenience to come back whenever you want. The money that you earn on your online part-time job. Also will stay in your account and can be redeemable only by you. We will wait for you to come back to our website to make money on PayPal. DRT SolutionZ paid surveys to ensure that you earn money online in Pakistan from your part-time job without such concerns.

You will also not receive any unnecessary emails, only except from DRT SolutionZ. You can earn from 0.13 USD to 3.5 USD for every paid survey, you take. And you won’t need to wait long to receive your cash after you have taken paid surveys. Once you have made 10 USD you can redeem it through PayPal. And if you have more patient, you can collect your money. And get a chance to earn an Amazon gift card or GCode, for a more extravagant reward.  

Why Online Paid Surveys are helpful to you and the market? 

When you take DRT SolutionZ in Pakistan. You are helping in improving and developing the global market. By doing your part while taking online paid surveys. In addition, You are also bringing about a great change. And we do our part, making sure that your valued opinion is heard by the international brands all over the world.  Also, you don’t need to worry about your private information.    

There is no such thing as a time frame when taking online paid surveys. Also, there is no such qualification when taking online surveys for money. There are enough online surveys that anyone can take them. Of course, receptive to your preferences and interests may have. In conclusion, DRT SolutionZ Pakistan is very simple and easy to answer and understand. For instance, if you are already registered with another research panel, you can always join another one.

This is also a good method to increase your earnings from online surveys. There is also a chance to get your hands on a product, that isn’t on the market yet. In addition, valued opinion can have an impact on brands and businesses’ products and services. That is one of the reasons why the DRT SolutionZ online survey allows one to earn money online in Pakistan. Also, gives you the satisfaction of making a change in the global market. 

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Here are your rewards options
You can make from $1.30 to $3.25 for every paid online survey you complete.

Easy Paisa:

Now You can use Easy Paisa as Another Option to Redeem your Points. If You have a Registered Simm & CNIC you can create Easypaisa Mobile Account or just Use your CNIC to redeem Your Points in Cash without having Mobile Account

Jazz Cash:

Now You can use Jazz Cash as Another Option to Redeem your Points. If You have a Registered Sim & CNIC you can create Jazz Cash Mobile Account or just Use your CNIC to redeem Your Points in Cash without having Mobile Account

Easy load:

This is the most popular method among panel members. People used to choose the mobile credit option and receive the mobile balance on their phone

Gift Vouchers (Vouch365)

Vouch365 is full of exciting Mobile App Buy One Get One Free offers for restaurants, beauty salons, health & fitness, leisure activities, and many more on 1200+ Outlets and save Thousands and Thousands of Rupees. Also, to make it even better our offers are valid 7 days a week (excluding public holidays). What you need is to update your Complete Postal Address in our profile so that we can Courier Loyalty Card. How Does it work? watch the video. Or contact us over WhatsApp.

UBL Omni:

UBL Omni is one of the easiest ways to redeem your amount. It is the actual bank account and performs the same work like any other bank account. You can easily open an account if you have a registered SIM and CNIC. Your registered mobile number against your CNIC becomes your Omni Account number.

To redeem your amount, you just have to choose an option of UBL Omni from the reward list, enter the account details, the earned amount is transferred into your UBL Omni Account.

Careem Rides:

Once you have accumulated enough points, i.e. 16 to payout, you can redeem your point by selecting Careem Rides from the reward list. The cream credit transfer into your cream wallet and you can use this to pay for your rides.


Sharing is caring and donating to others who are in need or less blessed is a selfless act. It is a great blessing to give back to the ones who deserve it. Not to go through the challenges of who should you donate to and to make sure – it is donated properly. In addition, we provide you the authentic organizations to donate your money to. Here are the options you can donate your credit to:

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Charity (, Alkhidmat Foundation ( and Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (

Earn Online Money Easily In Pakistan By Taking Paid Surveys

Note: Once Redeem your points, Incentives will transfer to the Panelist’s desire payment method after every 08 to 12 Business days.

If you have any additional questions – visit FAQs or contact us at

DRT Solutionz is the best platform in Worldwide that provides you with a broader range of online paid surveys at your fingertip. Easy to complete, simple-to-answer surveys will improve your earnings and contribute to our products’ betterment.


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