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Paid Surveys

What are the paid survey sites?

“Paid Survey sites are very easy to use”. You only have to answer the survey questions on different topics. DRT Solutionz provides you with the opportunity to earn money through Paypal and also gives rewards like Amazon gift cards and much more upon completion of a survey through our paid survey sites.

Are our online surveys authentic?

Corporations across the globe always formulate a sound strategy to seek the opinion of people for developing new products. Survey companies will help to do market research to get authentic data. For people who are looking for opportunities to earn money online, a paid survey is the perfect way for them to do that. Most importantly, an Online survey never asks for your credit card details.

Is payment actually made for Online surveys?

Online surveys of DRT Solutionz do actually pay. Online surveys exist for market research and to provide the opinions of the customers to the companies to improve their products. Filling in these questionnaires will allow you to earn money through PayPal and rewards like Amazon gift cards, cellphone credit, and mobile wallets.

Are Online Surveys Legal?

In order to gather data from consumers, market research companies conduct online surveys to gather the opinions of consumers. This is the reason why a large number of participants are necessary to get the most accurate market trend. The duration of these surveys varies from 5 to 60 minutes. Therefore, companies like DRT Solutionz act as a bridge between corporations and people at the grassroots level.

But one should be careful while searching for a site for taking the survey. There are innumerable survey scams online so please take care of the following while proceeding:

  • Important personal information and bank account details should not be provided
  • Usually, the reward for taking a survey varies from 2 to 10 dollars so surveys promising hundreds of dollars as rewards should be ignored

Why choose DRT Solutionz?

DRT solutionz gives you an amazing opportunity to have a say in the strategy formation of corporations. Moreover, we offer the consumers a platform to earn money and rewards only by filling in questionnaires, Join Now today 

Which online surveys should you take?

There is a wide range of surveys offered by DRT Solutionz. They mostly revolve around consumer’s interests, behavior, and habits. Online survey designs are per the requirements of market research companies.

What are Brand-specific online surveys?

In these types of surveys, certain companies design a questionnaire to get feedback about their specific products. This is a good opportunity to earn online money and rewards just by giving your opinion about a certain brand. The level of interest and consumer inclination is gauged through these online surveys.

Shopping through DRT Solutionz
How to earn

How to make money through surveys?

You only have to register on the website of DRT Solutionz and survey links will be sent to you via email. You can fill in the survey questionnaires at your own convenience to earn money and rewards.

How much can one earn through surveys?

Earning through online surveys is very simple and with more surveys you take, your earning keeps on increasing.

If you have the motivation and will, you can earn as much as 100$ every month. In addition to this, you can earn rewards like Amazon gift cards and much more.

Since these surveys are time-bound so it is important to keep a check on any new surveys launched by DRT Solutionz.

Which ones are the Highest paid online surveys?

SImply, the lengthier the survey the more you will earn. Other than that, a survey designed for a specific set of the population also pays more. But qualifying for such a survey is also quite difficult. Therefore, surveys designed for large size of audiences and pay in moderation but are easier to take.

What about the Survey sites that pay instant cash?

No legitimate survey site ever pays instant cash. Usually, the money & reward transfer (Paypal & Amazon gift cards) can take up to 08 to 12 business days.

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