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Make money online in Nigeria with DRT SolutionZ, one of the best legit survey sites to make money in Nigeria for survey takers. With the community of people spread across the world. You will receive access to thousands of online paid surveys that pay money, with new online paid surveys that pay money added every day. Easy way to make money in Nigeria with online paid surveys. Take on a variety of paid surveys and when you complete them, you redeem your Survey money through PayPal, or collect your points and choose GCodes to earn an exciting award.

What is the purpose of an online paid survey site?

Companies and brands all over the world are always seeking the opinions of people just like you. They count on online survey companies like DRT SolutionZ. For market research into the market and provide them with usable information. Which they use to improve and develop their products and services.

What will DRT SolutionZ offer me for my Opinion?

Companies and brands create better and new products and services, with the help of your opinions. You can make money online in Nigeria with PayPal or choose to pick out GCodes. Which are redeemable in 85+ countries for merchandise, virtual rewards, retail gift cards, hotel travels, experiences, event tickets, mobile top-up, and more. In exchange for completing the online survey that pays cash,

How many types of surveys DRT SolutionZ offers?

DRT solutionZ offers a variety of paid surveys. For instance, Advertising surveys, Brand surveys, Product surveys, Surveys about services. The number of surveys available will depend on the type of groups companies would like opinions of. It is possible to get your hands-on free product for product testing and review.

What is DRT SolutionZ?

With the community of 200,000 + people spread across the globe; DRT SolutionZ is one of the best paid survey sites that pays in Nigeria and one of the best money making sites in Nigeria. You can earn money online in Nigeria for giving your opinion. DRT SolutionZ is a Legit money-making site in Nigeria. In addition, DRT SolutionZ provides access to thousands of online surveys in Nigeria, with new online surveys in Nigeria, added every day. Therefore, With every online paid survey that pays cash, you are bringing change into the products and survives you like. More online paid surveys mean more chances to earn money online in Nigeria.

Are online paid survey sites Legitimate?

DRT SolutionZ, a legit survey site to make money with online paid surveys in Nigeria 2021. The quickest way to make money in Nigeria and one of the best sites Survey site to make money online in Nigeria. With Drt SolutionZ survey sites in Nigeria offering you online surveys in Nigeria an assured way to make money online in Nigeria. Online survey site companies need consumers like you, to answer questions and give their honest feedback to market research companies. It’s really easy. Simply take the online paid survey and answer questions with your opinions on many topics. DRT SolutionZ rewards you when you complete your online paid survey, by giving you chance to earn money online in Nigeria through PayPal or collects your points for GCodes.

How much money will I earn from DRT SolutionZ?

With each online paid survey you are going to earn $0.32 to $5.60 USD, with sometimes chances to earn more. That’s because DRT SolutionZ is one the best online paid survey sites out there. Therefore, offering the most chances to make money online. In addition to the chances of earning money online, there is also a chance to use GCodes.

How do I Join DRT SolutionZ?

Simply register with an email address and create a password to securely access your DRT SolutionZ account. Then you can start making money online in Nigeria from the comfort of your home. How much you earn depends on the number and on the time you take to complete an online paid survey. All online paid survey has different payouts, most will pay less, but also take less time.

Make money online in Nigeria – Payment information | DRT SolutionZ online paid surveys

Here are your rewards options


After taking Online Paid Survey and Making Money Online in Nigeria; you can redeem your survey money through your PayPal account. Above all, PayPal is the most simple and secure online account you can use to receive your survey money after completing our online paid survey. PayPal also offers you a PayPal Gift Card, which allows you to use its PayPal Gift store. In conclusion, PayPal is the easiest and secure online account to use, as it offers you to shop online using PayPal and transfer your survey money to your bank. To learn more about PayPal – visit

If you do not have an account with PayPal, we will automatically get you an account set up and share details with you to log in. Once you have submitted a request to redeem the balance from your PayPal account, you will receive your money within 1 to 4 business days.

GCodes – virtual gift code:

After taking paid online survey and made up to $10, by taking a paid online survey; You will have the option of using the GCodes, which are redeemable in 85+ countries for merchandise, virtual rewards, retail gift cards, hotel travels, experiences, event tickets, mobile top-up, and more. Once you have chosen the GCodes – your details are sent to your registered emails within 1 to 4 days only. Visit to learn more and create an account.

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